The very first Student Design Show to exhibit the work of students from all three campus locations was held in Kenosha in the Madigano Theater in 1999. Prior to that, shows had been held locally at each campus, and each region.

Its hard to believe that we are on our 14th year of the district-wide combined show, and our 16th year overall!  Want to know what you can expect at one of our shows? Click on the photo link (left) for  a look at some highlights from a recent (2010) show on the Racine Campus.



The basic guidelines for Student Work Submission are available both as a downloadable PDF file (click) –> submissions and as a (click) –>webpage.
Additionally, instructors may have printouts for their classes. Please let others know about submission policies, and any dates when instructors and/or students (from Elkhorn) can make intercampus runs with student work. Thanks for everyone’s help on this!

Design Show Awards

This year’s Student Design Show awards were PROUDLY MANUFACTURED IN THE USA! …AT GATEWAY TECHNICAL COLLEGE!  Students  in Rich Buhnerkemper ‘s CAD/CAM classes, and Mark Uttech’s welding/plasma cutting classes have been busily at work creating these unique, one-of-a-kind awards.

Thanks to Dean Beverly Frazier, Rich, Mark, and all of their students!

Take a look at the videos below.

2012 Show Promotional Materials

Graphic Communications Students in capstone classes taught by Michelle Quinn and John Mizer generated concepts for this year’s show promotion. Gateway marketing employees, Art Directors from regional design businesses, and district business owners were all solicited for feedback on which concept they  liked best.

While all of the concepts received high praise from the outside judges,  this years Invitation as selected by the impromptu panel was created by Ms. Dulce Velazquez. Dulce’s design will be used to generate posters, mailers, and a promotional video for this years show.

dulce velazquez design

A rough-cut promotional video based on Dulce’s design was also created, and is currently viewable here (see embed below) as well as on YOUTUBE.