Category Winners

As any kid who grew up with Chicago TV can tell you, Bozo and Cookie were popular amongst kids from the 50′s through the 70′s. A vivid childhood memory was when Bozo and Cookie looked into the camera and declared, “Here’s the Wee-ners!”
We are in the process of posting all of the category winners in the Student Work Navigation Link of this site. Please select the individual category you wish to see from the appropriate submenu navigation. Without further adieu…”Here are the Wee-ners!”

Currently, the BEST OF and HONORABLE MENTION for each category have accompanying photos. There is also the ordinal ranking of the participants in that category whose work received more than one vote.

Special Thanks

The Graphics Instructors wish to extend a special thanks to the Racine Campus Library staff for sharing their work home with us. The staff has been super amidst the shuffle of setup, show run, and takedown.

A special THANKS to  April Gandy, who served as the frontline unofficial greeter for our judges, collector of judges forms, informal show docent/ guide, and salvager of work lost to poor spray-mount. Thanks April!


The official reception for the 2012 SDS was held Tuesday Evening (Apr. 24). The event was well attended with a nice size spillover crowd into the Commons area! The delicious food (prepared by the Culinary Arts program) and Beautiful Floral arrangements (Floral Design Program) added to a wonderful and memorable evening.

Please remember that the show will continue to be exhibited until May 3rd (May 4th begins the takedown phase). This website will continue to provide information after the show is officially taken down, and will serve as a virtual gallery for  the pieces until the next show (SDS XV in 2013). We welcome all of our buisness and community partners to check in until then.

HAVE PHOTOS OF THE OPENING NITE FESTIVITIES? Wish to share them on the website? Send them to Peter Pham. Pending review for content, we may post it on this sight.

The 2012 Student Design Show Judges

For each year’s SDS, regional businesses are invited to send representatives to evaluate the work of the Gateway Technical College’s Graphic Communications students. The faculty at Gateway do not participate in judging, except in the tabulation of the votes.

This year’s design judges are currently being recruited, so check back in this feed for an update on who is able to participate this year!  To see a brief bio for each of the judges, please see the  JUDGES page. (navigation bar, top).

We thank the judges of this years show, and encourage patronage of their establishments.

This year’s judges include:

Ms. Brianna  Lock
Ms. Lori Svikel
Ms. Jeanette Pham
Mr. Brian Karrer
Mr. Alan Bagg
Mrs. Anna Bauer
Mr. Terry Maraccini
Mr. Jose Montoto
Mr. Randy Rehberg
Ms. Jeani Berndt

Student Volunteers Wanted

We will be setting up the show first thing Friday morning (April 20th, 2012) in the Racine Library (approximately 8:30 to 9:00 am). We will need student volunteers to help categorize, assemble, hang, log and photograph work, as well as create a Photographic catalog for the “online virtual” show.

If you can help out, please reply (using comments) to this post, or contact your classroom instructor. Here’s to a great 2012 show!