judges | 2014 SDS

Dave Anderson
Alan Bagg
Corporate Images
Lisa Marie Barber
U.W. – Parkside
Anna Bauer (alumnus)
Kenosha News
 Linda Binkley
Creative Marketing Resources 
Jennifer Bradley
American Transmission Co
Peggy Brown
Peggy Brown Consulting
Michael Candee
Firstlight Creative 
Trace Chiodo
Chiodo Design
Annmarie Klyzub
Gateway Technical College
Greg Lebrick
Gateway Technical College
Jeanette Pham
Dale Staehle
Design Interchange 
Sue Staehle
Design Interchange
Shawna Stephens (alumnus)
Argus (ERP-Consulting)
Erika Werbie (alumnus)
Paula Clark
Kenosha County ADRC

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