JUDGES for SDS 2012

2012 Student Design Show Judges (judges are still being solicited and accepted)

Brief Bios (in no particular order)

Mrs. Jeanette Pham
Mrs. Pham holds both her BA and MA degrees from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. She is currently the VP of SōSH / Corporate Identity Solutions,Inc., a social media promotions, design, and management company. A host of numerous Twitter corporate events in the Milwaukee market and beyond, she is also one-half of the “Tweetup Girls.”

Mr. Jose Montoto
Professor Montoto holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from U.W.-Milwaukee.
He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Digital Media Comm Departmentat Carthage College. He has previously worked as a Milwaukee-based freelance graphic designer, an animation artist for the Bradley Center,  and the staff graphic designer for UW-Milwaukee’s School of the Arts.

Ms. Brianna  Lock
Ms. Lock holds a BA degree in Fine Arts from U.W.-Oshkosh. Currently the owner of WORD+DESIGN, Ms. Lock has also held design positions at Johnson Financial Group and Kahler-Sater.

Mr. Brian Karrer
Mr. Karrer, a graduate of U.W.-Whitewater holds a BFA with an emphasis in sculpture. Brian is also  a former Gateway Technical College Student from the early days of the Graphic Communications Program. He is currently a designer at Design Interchange in Racine.

Mrs. Anna Bauer
Anna is an award-winning GTC grad and purveyor of fine typography with cat-like curiosity; crafter of print and digital media; serial tangent follower; graphic designer of client presentation media at the Kenosha News. Prior to her position at the Kenosha News, Mrs. Bauer has held positions in small commercial-press and area design firms.

Mr. Terry Maraccini
Mr. Maraccini attended U.W.-Parkside, and has held positions in print design and editing, before joining the Kenosha News as their webmaster in 2001.

Mr. Randall Rehberg
Mr. Rehberg, a graduate of U.W.-Stevens, has held a variety of teaching and writing positions. He is currently a book editor for Kalmbach Publishing Co. He is also a playwright and freelance writer, whose clients have included LEGO, University of Wisconsin, and the NBA. He has also worked in public relations, taught writing at UW-Parkside, and created products for Western Publishing/Golden Books.

Ms. Lori Svikel
Contract ART DIRECTOR and Product Development specialist
Ms. Svikel is a graduate of U.W.-Milwaukee, and has held positions in Art Direction and Product Development for a variety of companies, including: Golden Books, TSR (Dungeons and Dragons), Tiger Electronic Games, LeapFrog. She currently works on the West Coast with international clients.

Mr. Alan Bagg
Mr. Bagg is a graduate of Butler University, and has attended Carthage College’s graduate program. He is the President and CEO of Corporate Images, Inc. in Racine, where he has worked with JohnsonDiversey, SC Johnson Wax, Jockey International, Case-New Holland and many smaller companies.

Mrs. Jeani Berndt
Mrs. Berndt has been working as a graphic artist for over 25 years. She works on everything from greeting cards and invitations to interactive museum installations. She uses traditional methods as well as new technology. She states she is always learning and always teaching! She currently owns and operates FISHWERKS LTD., which provides freelance production and design for b to b agencies, marketing services, and custom crafted mailings, invitations, and announcements. She has previously worked for Scott Advertising, and Western Publishing Company/Golden Books.



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