2002 award

Award from the 2002 Design Show on the Kenosha Campus...

The very first Student Design Show to exhibit the work of students from all three campus locations was held in Kenosha in the Madigano Theater Commons in 1999. Prior to that, smaller shows had been held locally at each campus, and later each region.

Its hard to believe that we are on our 16th year of the district-wide combined show, and our 18th year overall!  The show originally rotated among each of the three main campuses (Kenosha, Racine, and Elkhorn) annually. We now rotate at locations between the two campus regions offering the Graphic Communications Program, and are excited to be holding the show at a brand new venue this year (the S.C. Johnson iMET center in Sturtevant). We also have a touring show component that visits additional venues.

Since 2007 we have maintained a show presence on the web (we have documentation of some of the more recent shows–2010 onward–in the main menu).


The 2013 edition of the Gateway Technical College Student Design Show promises to be as great as preceding years shows. Photographs of this year’s submissions are housed on FLICKER, and a dedicated show site for this year has been setup.

This is the Link to the 2013 Gateway Technical College Student Design Show official website.
[click the link below]


To view the 2013 Student Design Show work from this page by CATEGORY, click on the link in the navbar above for the 2013 STUDENT WORK BY CATEGORY.

2013 Student Design Show on Elkhorn Campus

The 2013 DISTRICTWIDE STUDENT DESIGN SHOW will be held on the Elkhorn Campus. The show alternates between the Racine and Elkhorn Campuses, and features the design work of students in the Graphic Communications Program.

GATEWAY STUDENTS: please see the PDF attached (below) for submitting work to this year’s Districtwide Student Design Show.

GTC Student Design Show Artwork Submission Guide2013

Work is due by April 12th. Racine instructors may request work prior to the 12th (on the 11th or earlier) for getting work to Elkhorn Campus.