As many of you know, GTC’s Graphic Communications Program is transitioning into a LAPTOP Program. Many students have asked for laptop specs, and  they have been compiled into a document. This document will be subject to revision based on the requirements needed to run Adobe Creative Cloud (see Adobe’s website for system requirements), but the attached document represents a typical set of system requirements.

Graphic Communications Laptop Proposal v2(2)

Alumni Joe Schmidt

Alumni Joe Schmidt has just penned a deal with Oghma for his forthcoming observational comedy, Sugar Balls! Joe has been actively making comics, stories, podcasts, and designs for years.

Per Oghma’s release:
Joe is a humorist by birth and a graphic designer and cartoonist by training. He describes himself as a, “magic-man, cartoonist, consumer of pop culture…  [more on the site—Click on the photo below for the FB page announcement.]

Adjunct Instructor and Alumni has free Kindle book

Gateway Adjunct Instructor (and former KUSD student as well as GTC Alumn) Don Scherer has put together a series of graphic novels, web comics, animations, and games based upon his original artwork and ongoing character storyline. Don’s venture, RATATAT GRAPHICS, has  a website here,  and many apps and games.

don scheres

Don can often be found at the Harbor Farmer’s Market promoting his work as well. RECENTLY, Don’s prelude has been released in a FREE KINDLE DOWNLOAD.


GDA tours two innovative Milwaukee Advertising Agencies

Gateway Technical College’s GDA club (Graphic Design Association) toured two innovative  advertising / design agencies in downtown Milwaukee on May 22, 2014.

Sōsh is a social media marketing firm representing a variety of companies, including Johnsonville Brats  and Snapper Mowers. Social media is not a mere department within Sōsh, but rather their forte and “raison-d´être.” Students learned about this emergent media, its unique requirements of designers, and its potential for dynamism and power.

Hanson Dodge Creative is one of the premiere active lifestyle creative agencies in the world. With a strong digital presence, Hanson Dodge explained to students the importance of branding to the commercial creative process on every level.

In between, students stopped for a quick lunch at the popular third-ward Milwaukee Public Market.

Gateway and Parkside Students Exhibit work at U.W. Parkside Galleries

The student galleries at UW-Parkside hosted two shows featuring the design work of Gateway and Parkside students. Opening receptions for both shows were held Wednesday evening, May 21st, 2014.

The Mathis Gallery contained The Immigration Experience Illustrated, which paired Gateway Design Students with recent immigrants in Gateway’s English Language Learner Programs.

The Foundation Gallery  housed Studies In Typography, featuring the work of Parkside’s Advanced Typography section, along with a handful of Gateway Alumni who have entered UW-Parkside’s bachelor degree studies.

The 2014 SDS Begins!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 marks the official opening of the Student Design Show to the public! Alternating annually between the Walworth and Racine County Campuses, the district-wide show featuring entries from GTC Graphic Communications students will be in a new venue this year.

This year’s event will be on display in bay area of the Commons at the S.C. Johnson iMET Center in Sturtevant Wisconsin. Located between Kenosha and Racine, the iMET center is a state-of-the-art manufacturing and training facility, and the home to the FAB LAB (open to the general public).
The show will run from April 8th until April 16th, with a RECEPTION and AWARDS ceremony (with food and refreshments) on the evening of Tuesday, April 15th.  EVERYONE is INVITED!