Adjunct Instructor and Alumni has free Kindle book

Gateway Adjunct Instructor (and former KUSD student as well as GTC Alumn) Don Scherer has put together a series of graphic novels, web comics, animations, and games based upon his original artwork and ongoing character storyline. Don’s venture, RATATAT GRAPHICS, has  a website here,  and many apps and games.

don scheres

Don can often be found at the Harbor Farmer’s Market promoting his work as well. RECENTLY, Don’s prelude has been released in a FREE KINDLE DOWNLOAD.


GDA tours two innovative Milwaukee Advertising Agencies

Gateway Technical College’s GDA club (Graphic Design Association) toured two innovative  advertising / design agencies in downtown Milwaukee on May 22, 2014.

Sōsh is a social media marketing firm representing a variety of companies, including Johnsonville Brats  and Snapper Mowers. Social media is not a mere department within Sōsh, but rather their forte and “raison-d´être.” Students learned about this emergent media, its unique requirements of designers, and its potential for dynamism and power.

Hanson Dodge Creative is one of the premiere active lifestyle creative agencies in the world. With a strong digital presence, Hanson Dodge explained to students the importance of branding to the commercial creative process on every level.

In between, students stopped for a quick lunch at the popular third-ward Milwaukee Public Market.



Welcome to the Gateway Technical College Graphic Communications Site. This is your communications central for all things related to the department: the annual student design show, and information about GTC’s Graphic Communications Program for Students.

Special Thanks

The Graphics Instructors wish to extend a special thanks to the Racine Campus Library staff for sharing their work home with us. The staff has been super amidst the shuffle of setup, show run, and takedown.

A special THANKS to  April Gandy, who served as the frontline unofficial greeter for our judges, collector of judges forms, informal show docent/ guide, and salvager of work lost to poor spray-mount. Thanks April!